I was reading about the founder of Breakdance Project Uganda, Abramz Tekya, the other day, who is a real inspiration. Breakdance Project Uganda is a voluntary non-profit organisation which uses breaking and other elements of hip-hop to promote positive social change and social responsibility among young people, that Abramz started in 2006 giving free breakdance lessons to youth in Kampala.

The aims of this project are to empower and positively inspire the youth and children through breakdance plus other elements of hiphop by:

-bridging the gap between Northern Uganda & the other regions of Uganda. 
-bridging the gap between the advantaged & disadvantaged. 
-bridging the gap between illiterates & literates. 
-resolving tribal, religious & racial conflicts.  
-building people’s self-esteem. 
-promoting interaction between local & international dancers 
-creating employment for people who want to dance as a career, but can’t afford to pay for dance classes.

Also check out the documentary that was made about Abramz and the Breakdance Project Uganda called Bouncing Cats that was narrated by Common and features Crazy Legs, K’naan, Mos Def, and Will.iam.


Breakdance Project Uganda

Breakdance Project Uganda is an organization teaching the kids of Uganda how to, well, breakdance. Most of the kids you see live on the streets of Kampala.

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(Source: musicuganda.com)

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    I was reading about the founder of Breakdance Project Uganda, Abramz Tekya, the other day, who is a real inspiration....
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